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Get more revenue and profit with lower costs and less manpower with the help of your dedicated Success Squad™, a group of management consultants guiding you to leverage Embed’s next-gen solutions at no cost to you. And here’s the best part, they have one priority: helping you drive transformational growth. 


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Exclusive access to Embed’s limited-time offerings. Cloud technology consultation. Best practice sharing from the biggest FECs in the business. Tailored training experiences. Payment gateway cost-savings analysis. Promotional creative kit.

Get the most out of your Embed solutions by partnering with our dedicated Success Squad™ to grow and transform your bottom line - AT NO COST to members of the Embed family!

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Try it free now (for 3 months) and learn how to get exclusive access to dynamic reports like revenue prediction, games performance, and so much more. 

Free Mobile Wallet
Mobile Wallet
Get a one-year free offer and join the legions of FECs who’ve experienced a dramatic increase in card reload value from $30 to $50, with 60% of reloads happening outside their venue. 
Free Best Practices
Best Practice Training
Learn the secrets to driving a 5x increase and more in Mobile Wallet reload value versus cash and credit card from the biggest FECs in the industry that run on Embed. 
Free Creative Kit
Marketing Support
Promote Mobile Wallet with a free creative kit that includes posters, how-to's, RSP T-shirts and Cheat Sheets, Wobblers, Table-tops, and more – ALL FREE! Want to customise your creative? We’ll give you the artwork free!  
Free Payment Gateway Consulting
Payment Gateway Consulting 
Get your complimentary assessment from our in-house Payment Gateway Guru to assess the following: your annual losses from your current payment processing provider, and potential savings from simply switching payment gateways. 
Embed GoTrain™
Get on the GoTrain™ for in-store training that drives customer uptake of the Mobile Wallet and enjoy transformative growth – included at no cost for members of the Embed family. Enquire now. 
DIY Online
Ongoing Training
Request tailored online training of any SaaS solution or access the Help Centre anytime, anywhere with over 500 articles, user guides, 70 training videos, and tutorials.
Get your Embed family-exclusive login credentials and access to eSHOP, where you can purchase hardware parts and accessories in just 3 easy steps: Select. Ship. Pay.
"The Mobile Wallet is Embed's way of not making customers think about anything else when they're playing. It removes roadblocks to make it easier for guests to have fun." - Derek Shropshire, COO, Tiebreakers
"We are seeing a consistent higher reload amount with the Mobile Wallet! It really changed the game for our locations that even our local news picked up interest in it for our new location's opening. People are not as confident to top-up their physical game cards as they might lose them. Our guests go bigger on reloads on their phones, which they always have on them. Parents simply reload all the kids' cards before reaching our locations so they can start playing upon arrival." - Vicky Peek, Marketing Director, Nickels & Dimes (Tilt Studio)

"Guests can skip the line with the Mobile Wallet. It's cool because guests can simply scan our QR code to input their email address and password, then their game cards go straight to their phones' digital wallet and go tap to play. Everybody has a phone in their hand anyway." - Kelsie Beath, General Manager, Yakima Family Fun Center

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"STATS in my opinion is one of the most effective and versatile management tools we have at our disposal with which to manage our business. It is well done and I love it! I am quite impressed with the program and visibility it provides for our business. It has provided a level of visibility that proves more valuable with each use. Implementation was straightforward, and the team was a pleasure to work with.” - Kevin Taylor, CFO, Station 300

"STATS is one of the best upgrades we have seen to the Embed system, giving real-time information to our operations. The ability to stand back and look at trends with multiple locations or drill down to individual stores or machines is invaluable." - Jim MataBishop, District Manager, Fun Factory